02: Life

Dear Listener,

Never describe any kind of publication as “monthly.” It has been several months now since the first episode, but life happens. Anyway, without further excuses:

In this episode, I received four letters in response to a letter of mine that was part statement and part question. Picking up where Habiba concluded the previous episode, I thought about the connection or disconnection of work and life. I asked Habiba to respond and invited three others to contribute their thoughts as well.

This is episode will be released in two parts. In this first part, you’ll hear from Habiba and Mike. In Episode 02B, you’ll hear Nick and Crystal.

All the best,

P.S. For questions about any meterial referenced directly or indirectly in the podcast, take a look at:


01: Work

Dear Listener,

My hope for this series is that each episode builds as an iteration on those previous. Depending on your impression (and my patience for editing) this episode may or may not become the standard for the podcast.

In this episode, you have a compilation of three letters received in response to my questions:

  • What do you do, and why?
  • What does Work mean to you?

I have listened to each letter dozens of times while editing, and found a lot of joy in their unique perspectives (honestly, not trying to sound pedantic). I was afraid however, that no one wants to listen to three, long (~10 minute) monologues in a row, which led me to an interesting task of finding similarities and stringing these three responses together.

For anyone who prefers to hear each letter in full, please look for “Episode 01B” which includes Chris, Habiba, and Josh, without interruption.

All the best,

01B: Work [uncut]

Hi there,

This is a B-side of the first episode that I am sharing in case you’d like to hear the complete letter from any of the three people featured in the episode.

The time codes for each letter follows:

00:42 – Habiba Sugich
05:40 – Chris Castaneda
16:46 – Josh Windisch


Podcast Artwork

I refuse to spend more than a day coming up with podcast artwork! Also, it seems a bit odd that there’s no good place for the album art, so I’m going to share the final image here. Hopefully it will propagate out to the podcast syndication and so on.

A longer post about the artwork and setting up the rest of the project on my blog can be found here:

Podcast album art