Hey there,
My name is Rob and I currently live with my fiancé and our two wonderful cats in Brooklyn.

I’m an Interaction Designer (aka User Experience Designer) by trade, but my mind is always wandering off to all sorts of things. I’d love to call myself a polyglot if I ever had mastery of the many things that catch my interest, but I will settle for “curious.”

The aim of this podcast is more about taking in different opinions and histories on various subjects. I might tend to favor issues relating to Technology, Culture, Design, or the convergence of any of these, but if inspiration pushes me in another direction I will do my best to remain open to exploring all kinds of things. The beautiful thing about letters is how personal they are, and the truly unique directions they might take, depending who writes you back.

One obvious note: I often refer to letters, but as podcasts are an auditory medium, I am referring to an audible equivalent of letters; long form answers, without my interruption or influence.

You can reach me via email or twitter.